Poecilotheria ornata / Fringed ornamental

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Poecilotheria ornata

Commonly known as the fringed ornamental are the second biggest ornamental in the genus. They reach up to 25cm! From sri lanka but not to be confused with the sri Lankan ornamental (p. fasciata)

These beauties have a nasty bite to them and are not to be messed with. They are old world and will not flick hair as warning. The most common way people gets bitten is by putting their fingers in the cage while feeding.  The live in tall trees in the wild and therefor need an arboreal cage (a tall cage).

In the wild they will live in communal groups but this does not mean that they won’t eat each other when given the chance in captivity.


Humidity range from 65%- 75%.

Temperature should be anything between 20ċ to 28ċ. Though it gets over 30ċ where they come from, they do hide in trees and under leafs from the hot sun.


Males live about 9 months after they mature while females can live up to 15 years (but most likely not over 12 years.)

Can be fed on roaches 3 times a week. (roaches available from petbugs)

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