Poecilotheria metallica / Gooty sapphire ornamental

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This bath turned 2nd instar 10 July 2023


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Poecilotheria metallica

Gooty sapphire

This specie is old world (meaning it comes from either Europe, Asia or Africa.)

In the wild this species is threatened but they will still be around for a very long time thanks for the exotic pet trade that has been breeding them for the last 10 years. Some people consider this specie a communal but in my opinion they are just more tolerant towards each other.  If you do decide to make a communal, make sure there are enough food and a lot of hiding spaces.

They get anywhere from 15cm to 20cm and are arboreal (they like to climb and live in trees).

Display spider only, not to be handled.

Females can live up to 15 years where as males live for only about 5 years.

They are a gorgeous electric blue colour with yellow markings.

Temperature should be anything between 20ċ to 28ċ.

Humidity can range from 65% up to 75%.

With arboreal spiders you need cross ventilation (have ventilation on all the sides of the enclosure and not just on top).

They need a cage that is longer in height and a tree branch or bark to hide in.

I keep my peat bone dry but I always have a full water bowl.

Keeping peat to wet can cause mould and also attract nematodes and other gross stuff that you do not want.

You can feed them roaches or crickets (I prefer the feeder mix available on petbugs) as they are a climbing specie and can easier catch and eat roaches that climb.

Some interesting information

Bred by Mandie 2019 – two egg sacs made in April by two different females

Bred by Mandie 2020 – 53 in egg sac – 

Bred by Mandie 2021 – only got 9 out – egg sac rotten – 

Bred by Mandie 2022 – 43 in sac – 

Bred by Mandie 2023 – Bought Male and used 2 of my own Males, mated 9 females. Got one egg sac so far. so far 46 successful into 2nd instar and eating. 15 still in 1st instar. 12 didn’t make it so far from eggs. 


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