Feeder mix (Lobster and pallid roach)

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100+ mix from small to medium lobster and pallid roaches.

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Nauphoeta cinerea (Lobster roaches):
These are one of the cheapest and most readily available roaches. Both adult male and females have wings but can’t fly, they also give live birth. Lobster roaches breed easily and grow fast, up to around 3cm. While adults are perfect for larger animals, the nymphs are good for tarantula slings, geckos and smaller lizards.

Phoetalia pallida (Pallid roach):
These are smaller than Lobsters and slightly softer shelled making them perfect for smaller animals. They grow to around 2cm in length. These can successfully be kept together with Lobster roaches, always ensuring that you have the perfect sized roach. They breed fast and are easy to keep. Both adult males and female have wings.


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