Chilobrachys huahini / Asian giant fawn

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Stunning coloration and beautiful size.  

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If you are looking to soil your underpants, then this is the spider for you! Fast and lovely, closest tarantula to the obt that you can legally own in South Africa. The colour of the tarantula is basically what your underpants will look like if this beauty bites you.

1 review for Chilobrachys huahini / Asian giant fawn

  1. Skye Nieuwoudt (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful healthy speciemen and a stunning webber. Their colour is true to the golden brown of a deer or a gazelle (which are fast and can attack humans)
    In all honesty, definitely get one if you want to see if webbers or old world are for you!

    • Tim surman

      Thank you, they are very underrated but amazing.

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