Bravecto 40kg-56kg

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With Bravecto® you can give your dog longer lasting protection than traditional monthly treatments – and stop worrying about:

  • Feeling guilty for missing a monthly treatment because of everything else on your mind
  • Chasing down your dog to apply treatments to its skin
  • Keeping your dog away from your family while the traditional topical treatment you applied dries
  • Having to wait for over 24 hours for protection to start working
  • Delaying application because you don’t want to put yourself or your dog through the stress

Just one Bravecto® chewable starts killing in just 2 hours,1 and provides up to 12 full weeks of continuous protection. Plus, Bravecto®’s active ingredient is also a completely new compound, so there is no known insect or tick resistance to it – making protection worry-free.

With such fast-acting, continuous and innovative protection, you gain the most powerful defense available in a chew against a flea infestation on your pet or in your home. Studies show that it takes about 3 months to drive a flea infestation into “extinction” in the home environment.2 Monthly treatments can add to your stress during an infestation by requiring you to reapply the treatment every month to ensure continuous protection until the fleas are driven out. And, what if you accidentally miss an application or if the treatment allows fleas to lay eggs before it is reapplied? It could mean your home is never free of fleas.

With Bravecto®’s long-lasting efficacy against adult fleas, you can potentially drive fleas to “extinction” in your household with just one treatment.3


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