Bravecto 10-20kg

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extinction with one dose.2 And, Bravecto® kills ticks faster, killing 100 % of attached ticks in 12 hours – whereas other treatments can take over 48 hours.4

After you give your dog Bravecto®, it quickly reaches tissue fluids just under your dog’s skin. The moment fleas and ticks start feeding, they make contact with bodily fluids and ingest fluralaner, the active ingredient in Bravecto®. Exposure to fluralaner paralyzes the fleas and ticks and then kills them shortly after. Bravecto® starts working in just 2 hours. Within 12 hours of treatment, 90-95 % of exposed fleas and ticks are dead. Bravecto® kills fleas, prevents flea infestations and kills common ticks (Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor variabilis, Dermacentor reticulatus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Haemaphysalis elliptica) for up to 12 weeks.390


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