Avicularia sp. “Blue Velvet” / blue velvet pink toe

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From south america this scarce avic grows up to 17cm and are often so fast that they jump from one place to another.

A few things that I find with arboreals is that they need cross ventilation, so a cage with holes in the sides is a must, the more ventilation the better. The substrate should also not be too wet. Rather let it dry out before spraying/wetting it again, this inhibits fungal growth. Rather try feed them 2 smaller meals a week than one larger one less often. Be careful of feeder insects in the cage when they are about to moult. Lastly, I have almost eliminated bad moults in my collection by lightly dusting my crickets/roaches with a calcium, vitamin and mineral powder (The ones for reptiles are fine). Feeder insects often do not contain enough minerals for our animals.


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