Avicularia peru purple (RARE)

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Peru Purple Pink Toe – A pretty species of tarantula from Northern Peru




Socialism: Not social at all. Only keep one tarantula per enclosure or you might end up with cannibalism.  There is currently no true communal tarantula. (Some like M. balfouri, H.incei etc are considered more tolerant towards each other but not true communal). You only need one cannibal out of the communal to kill off your whole communal.


Springtails and isopods are a massive no-no. Unfortunately, not enough research is put into this. Some keepers catch them in their garden and sell them without doing the necessary research. They are not needed in your tanks. Keep the enclosure dry with a full water bowl. Isopods are carriers of nematodes (Nematodes can kill your whole spider collection off in two weeks). The same goes for springtails. Again, not enough research has been done. In Germany one of the big breeders lost a few hundred spiders due to nematodes that was suspected to be carried by the isopods and springtails. Some chameleon breeders did some research and found that some of the chameleons had sores on them a few weeks after adding springtails and isopods. A recent test also show that these little creatures will eat raw meat if given the chance. (This mean that nothing will stop them from eating a tarantula that is busy molting). Each person can make up their mind on this, but I would not risk it.  


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