Insect legalities


The legislation is clear in some aspects and not so much in other aspects. So let us clear a few things up:

  1. The word “baboon spider” is what we name tarantulas from South Africa. Baboon spiders are a subfamily of tarantulas native to Africa.
  2. Unfortunately in Western Cape, tarantulas and most exotic pets are illegal as it is a protected area. You can enquire more info from Cape nature.
  3. Obt “orange bity thing”, yes we all want one. No, none of us can have one. They are illegal. “Why”? you ask… Because although it is not a indigenous tarantula/baboon, it falls in the same Genus as some of our local baboons. (For example: Pterinochilus lapalala.)
  4. You can apply for permits to keep indigenous baboons but many has tried and most has failed (to get the permits).

Some good news. Not all baboon spiders need a permit (check with your province legislation, Western Cape definitely need permits). If you have any new or updated information, please forward it to us at

We have some that are legal to keep due to them being a dwarf baboon and not considered as a “true” baboon spider. The list look like follow:

Brachionopus annulatus

Brachionopus pretoriae

Brachionopus robustus

Brachionopus tristis

Harpactirella domicola

Harpactirella helenae

Harpactirella karrooica

Harpactirella lapidaria

Harpactirella lightfooti

Harpactirella longipes

Harpactirella magna

Harpactirella overdijki

Harpactirella scwarzi

Harpactirella spinosa

Harpactirella treleaveni

I will update the list once i have more time and more info 🙂 Please be patient with me. I am in the process of making a few videos and more information on the page.

Kind regards

Mandie Surman